The story goes like this; I forever find myself cracking up in bed at the weird way I've twisted my body to find that comfy magic spot where I can fall asleep. I imagine what it would look like if you took that exact position and stood it upright, that's when I see this weird over the top, almost animated version of myself.  So of course, I needed to get this down on paper and laugh even more in the process. 

Character design is an area of illustration that I absolutely adore, but it doesn't come up in my client projects too often. I love it so much because I feel like I can pour endless amounts of my goofy personality into it without it ever being 'too much'. This is one of the reasons why I set up my sketchbook / blog, I wanted a space to create and document personal work that I'm super passionate about. Expect to see more sleeping positions and other fun nonsense from me!

Anyway, the sleeping thing, you should definitely take note of the weird ways you curl up for the night. I promise you'll get a good few giggles out of it.