Taco Week - Praise glorious tacos

Taco Week is a wonderful idea thought up by my good friend, Alex! For one whole week you only eat tacos, yep, for every single meal. Each day of the week has a different theme, street tacos, future tacos, fancy tacos and more. I got free reign with this project, "Do whatever you want, just make sure it's not sad!", that's exactly what I did and had so much fun doing so.


After creating all of the Taco Week illustrations and putting them out in the wild that is the internet, there was some interest in the 'street taco - taco lyfe' illustration in particular. I decided to design a single colour alternative that would lend itself nicely to becoming a screen-printed graphic on t-shirts and sweatshirts, which I then submitted to Cotton Bureau. The design has now been and gone to print, but you can request it to come back if you so wish. It was also pretty sweet to see this design featured among others in an article about Cotton Bureau on Design Milk.