I'm Laura Bee, an illustrator, graphic designer & friend enthusiast!

So, what's my deal you ask? I'm a freelance illustrator come designer who specialises in creating work with a happy, upbeat energy, packed full of purpose and meaning for a brand. Illustration, branding, iconography and character design are my strengths and I use these skills to help companies connect with their customers and users on a more personable and human level.


I've worked with these cool folks to name a few!



Another fun fact is that I am partner at Ghostly Ferns, a creative family of freelancer BFF's making things happen together and separately.

The cool thing about Ghostly Ferns is that we all specialise in something different, ranging from web and product design, through to illustration and hand lettering. We tend to work with clients mostly on an individual basis, but every now and then we rock a badass collaborative project as a team. We're flexible as heck and that's how we like it. You can hire one, two or all of us if you like!

We also have a Ghostly Ferns online shop full of awesome ghostly goods. Please note that you should only buy these products if you wish to have your life haunted with the very best of vibes.


Word on the street

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